Getting The Best Cheap Web Hosting!

Getting The Best Cheap Web Hosting!

A friend of mine, Alex recently approached me about helping him set up a website hosting account for his new business. He’s starting a small Jujitsu Academy in and is looking to publish a basic three or four page website to market his business. I used to be the head of marketing for a rather large firm and manage multiple websites. It is for this reason why all my friends come to me with this type of questions.

best cheap web hosting

best cheap web hosting

When setting up a website, especially one that is for a small business, there are several components that need to get evaluated, independently. For starters, we need a domain a domain is a common address for a website. A lot of small business owners think that their website needs to have the same name as their company. This is one of the biggest myth surroundings Internet marketing for small businesses.

For example, my friend’s practice is in Hialeah Florida he’s company, on the other hand, is call Alex Orthodontics Services. With that said you have to ask yourself how many people go on the Internet searching for “Alex Martial Arts World”? On the other hand how many people in Hialeah, a city with a population of almost 225,000 people, are out there looking for a Jujitsu Academy! So in this instance having a domain such as HialeahJujitsuAcademy.Com, would be substantially more beneficial than the company name, in this case, Alex Martial Arts World.

After you have secured the domain, you are going to need a hosting account there are a lot of cheap hosting services out there. Rare is the day I don’t get a spam e-mail from Go Daddy, Bluehost, or Host Gator. When choosing a hosting service you have to look at all the underlying factors. For one Windows host is considerably more expensive than Linux, for this reason, one cannot be compared to the other.

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when choosing a hosting account is underestimating the bandwidth and resources they are going to require. A website with 50 to 100 visitors per day can get away with just about anything. However, once you go north of 500 visitors per day, you have to start looking for a VPN. A dedicated machine will be required once you reach 1000 visitors a day. Finding the best cheap web hosting is finding a provider the best suits your needs.

I always recommend people to look at the dedicated resources that hosting company can guarantee. Even if you get a share hosting account, the provider should be able to tell you what is the minimum amount of RAM the guarantee as well as CPU power. These two are very important because it determines how fast your website loads. Loading speed is one of the major judging criteria Google employees to rank a website.


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